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Concert as part of the exhibition Infinite Ear

Garage Live 2018
June 11 and September 1


These concerts will be performed using instruments created by Tarek Atoui and his collaborators in the mid-2010s. They aim to transform music into an open process engaging everyone, saturate sound with tactile sensory experience, and delight in the disruption of the senses on the fringes of sound.

Composer and artist Tarek Atoui began working on the musical instruments WITHIN in 2013, while exploring low-frequency vibrations. They were developed in close cooperation with deaf and hard of hearing people, musical instrument manufacturers, sound engineers, and composers from around the world. The WITHIN instruments form the heart of the exhibition Infinite Ear.

Musical instrument inventor and musician Mats Lindstrom created the instrument titled The True Laptop Quartet. It is a set of four tactile elements based on found metal objects, among which is an old telephone coil. Each element works as a sound generator, which the performer can sense through vibration while holding the instrument on their lap. The sound can be modulated by pushing the pedal or repositioning the coil. The overall sound of the quartet is produced by microphones placed within the space, and the extracted sounds are organically supplemented with environmental noise. Thus, the performer's body also participates in sound production. As a result, the process of playing music is unpredictable and spontaneous. It develops as a horizontal interaction even in the presence of a conductor and composer.

Performers: Tarek Atoui, Mir Karim, Kaya Molsen, Mats Lindstrom, Robert Demeter


Tarek Atoui (b. 1980, Beirut) is a musician, composer, and sound artist who lives and works in Paris. In 2006, his first album was released with on the Staalplaat Records label in the series Mort Aux Vaches. In 2008, he worked as art director of STEIM studio (Amsterdam), researching and developing new electronic musical instruments. Atoui's work has been shown at numerous contemporary art forums, including Sharjah Biennial (2009, 2013), Seoul International Biennale of Media Arts (2010), Performa 11 (New York, 2011), documenta 13 (Kassel, 2012) and the 8th Berlin Biennale (2014), and at exhibitions in the New Museum (New York, 2010), Haus der Kunst (Munich, 2010), Serpentine Gallery (London, 2012), and elsewhere.



Kaja Meek Olsen (b. 1996, Tromsø) was born with loss of hearing and knows Norwegian sign language as well as spoken English and Norwegian. She is currently study for a masters in Fish Health Biology at the University of Bergen. In 2016, Olsen participated in the WITHIN project at Bergen Assembly and in February 2017 she was part of a WITHIN perfomance at Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris. 



Mats Lindström (b. 1960, Stockholm) works as a composer and live-electronics musician. Formerly an engineer in the electronics industry, he designs and constructs unique electronic musical instruments and apparatuses. He was involved in the Infinite Ear project at Bergen Assembly 2016 and in Brussels in 2017 with The True Laptop Quartet, a set of four tactile instruments that use found iron objects as sound generators. Since 2004, he has been the director of EMS, Elektronmusikstudion in Sweden.



Mir Karim (b. 1990, Baghdad) is an engineer dabbling in a diverse artistic spectrum. He works independently in forms including but not limited to dance, poetry, and music (percussion). Karim is a dreamer focused on experiencing the moment and being sensitive to small windows of opportunity that present themselves in everyday life. With relative fluency in Norwegian sign language, he has had the opportunity to indulge himself in the world of a visual-based language. A fascination with this has consumed his thoughts and now “windows of opportunity” is no longer merely a phrase, but visually accessible.



Robert Mădălin Demeter (b.1990, Bucharest) realized that he enjoyed painting at a young age. He joined a painting class at a local church for economically disadvantaged children, after which he understood that painting was his path in life. Demeter attended an art high school in Bucharest from 2005 to 2009, followed by a degree at the National University of Arts in Bucharest (2010–2013) and a masters in Visual Art (2013–2015).



Sergey Filatov is a visual and sound artist, sound sculptor, musician, writer, and inventor of musical instruments.

Since 2003 Filatov has been a member of the Artists Union of Russia and the UNESCO International Artists Association. He is a contributor to the Russian sound artists community He graduated with a degree in visual arts from the Kuban State University (Krasnodar) and later received an engineering training in Naval University (Saint-Petersburg). He participated in Waterfront 2017(Saint Petersburg – Helsinki – Copenhagen), Art Electronica 2015(Linz, Austria), Geek Picnic 2017, CROSS-ART 2015, APositionXII, Technoart 2016, MediaSpank 2017, ProToArt 2017, Plums Fest 2017. His works were shortlisted for The Best Visual Artwork 2015 and won in The Best Media Art Object 2016 category of the Sergey Kuryokhin award for contemporary art.

Filatov's field of interest includes sound art, sound sculpture, field recording, and experimental printmaking.


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