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Book presentation. Dress Code: The Naked Truth About Fashion by Mari Grinde Arntzen

The Second GARAGE ART BOOK FAIR and Museum Night
21 May 2017


Norwegian author Mari Grinde Arntzen and Russian fashion scholar Linor Goralik will talk about fashion as an instrument of self-analysis, communication and power.

Drawing on examples from the worlds of haute couture and underground fashion, Norwegian journalist Mari Grinde Arntzen analyzes the development of the fashion industry within the consumer society and explains how fashion has become an instrument of self-analysis, communication and power. She will be discussing her book with writer and fashion scholar Linor Goralik.

Mari Grinde Arntzen’s visit to Russia is supported by NORLA



Mari Grinde Arntzen is a Norwegian author and journalist, specializing in social anthropology. She is a lecturer in journalism and semiotics at School of Fashion Industry (SoFI) in Oslo. She is the author of Perfect. The Creation Of The Flawless Human Being (Forlaget Manifest, 2015).




Linor Goralik is a poet, writer and scholar, whose area of interest includes identity issues and transgression through the way we dress. She is a lecturer at the Higher School of Economics and the Moscow School of Social an Economic Sciences and a regular contributor to Teoriya mody.



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