Art as Art Therapy. Vladimir Gavrilov


From 11 May 2013


Garage Education Center
Art as Art Therapy. Vladimir GavrilovArt as Art Therapy. Vladimir Gavrilov


Education Program. The Museum of Everything // Exhibition #5

Vladimir Gavrilov
Art as Art Therapy
May 11, Saturday, 20:00

On May 11 at 20:00 Vladimir Gavrilov, a psychiatrist, a curator of INYE Society, will talk about similarities and differences between art of the mentally ill, outsider art and works of naive artists. The original expression of authors who have a different soul has been drawing attention of not only doctors, but art critics, artists and art collectors from the beginning of the twentieth century. One of the main characters of the lecture is Alexander Lobanov, a self-taught artist who spent half a century in a mental hospital where he painted extraordinary "pictures" and created his "smart" photo-portraits. Today he is certainly the most well-known Russian outsider artist.

Vladimir Gavrilov (b. 1955) is a psychiatrist, collector, researcher and curator of INYE Collection (Outsider Art), Vice-President of SIPE-AT/SIPE (The International Society for the Expression of Psychopathology and Art Therapy) and Vice-President of the Foundation for Support of Social and Cultural Initiatives (INART) (Saint-Petersburg).

Admission is free.