Public Program. The Museum of Everything // Exhibition #5


From 27 April 2013 to 2 June 2013


Any creative person, any artist or scientist, is just an antenna.
I couldn't control my hand at all. It was moving by itself. I tried to hold it, but it didn't work.

Artists in Exhibition #5

Is it possible to draw boundaries between professional and non-professional artists? Is pejorative terminology, such as ‘outsider art,' ‘art brut' and ‘naïve art,' helpful or outdated? Who can be considered an artist?


April 27, Saturday, 20:00. James Brett. The Museum of Everything. The History
May 11, Saturday, 20:00. Vladimir Gavrilov. Art as Art Therapy
May 18, Saturday, 20:00. Olga Dyakonitsyna. "To look at the world with the eyes of a child"

Admission is free.


April 28, Sunday, 18:00. James Brett. The Curator's Choice
April 28 at 14:00 and 16:00. Free tours for everyone.
April 28 at 12:00, April 27, May 12 and May 19 at 14:00. Free family tours for adults with children under 12
June 1, Saturday, 18:00. Alexei Turchin. A Collector's Flair

The Garage Center staff will conduct tours of the exhibition for adults and children at a convenient time. To order a guided tour and to enquire about the prices please contact the front desk of the Garage Center or phone +7 (495) 645-05-20.


Saturdays and Sundays, from 12:00 to 16:00
for children 5 years and above and creative parents
Every weekend, children and their parents are invited to become artists, create their own art works in the spirit of The Museum of Everything and display their final creations on our website.

Before visiting the Garage Center events, please, check the schedule on the website