A Tour. A Collector's Flair. Alexei Turchin


From 1 June 2013


Garage Education Center
A Tour. A Collector's Flair. Alexei TurchinA Tour. A Collector's Flair. Alexei Turchin


Education Program. The Museum of Everything // Exhibition #5

A Tour
Alexei Turchin
A Collector's Flair
June 1, Saturday, 18:00

Alexei Turchin, a collector, who is acquainted with the famous Soviet self-taught artists (Pavel Leonov, Vasily Romanenkov and Alevtina Pyzhova), whose works are now presented at the Exhibition #5, will tell how he manages to succeed in determining a future star, and what is his interpretation of amazing worlds and the search of naive artists.

Alexei Turchin (b.1973) is an art historian and collector.




Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm

Pavel Leonov
The Pioneer Girl is Doing her Homework. The Pioneers Went to School
oil on canvas
85 х 92 cm

V. T. Romanenkov
School Years
mixed media and pencil on paper and fibreboard
25 x 25 cm