1 November 2017


Andrey Kovalev meets one of the most renowned Russian art groups practicing in the field of contemporary art—AES+F.

The title of the collective, founded in 1987, was formed from the initials of its members: architects Tatyana Arzamasova and Lev Evzovic, designer Evgeny Svyatsky, and photographer Vladimir Fridkes who joined the group in 1995.

AES+F are arguably the most successful media artists representing the Russian art scene today, having gained worldwide acclaim for multichannel video installations edited from static imagery (photographs, drawings, etc.) in a coherent story composed of many separate narratives. AES+F have participated in the Venice Biennale on several occasions, making their debut appearance in the Russian pavilion in 2007, with the project Last Riot. A few years later, an even more ambitious The Feast of Trimalchio continued the same trilogy (The Liminal Space Trilogy) and was premiered in Venice (2009) and then exhibited at Moscow’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (2010).

AES+F’s visual manner is highly recognizable due to deliberate theatricality and glossy finish that has become their signature style, underlining the critical implications the collective is aiming to promote. The artists will discuss these and other issues in conversation with moderator Andrey Kovalev and their audience during the meeting at Garage.

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