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A cycle of discussions Time for the Future

10 October – 27 November 2019


Ingosstrakh and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art announce a cycle of discussions based around current trends in eco innovations, urbanism, and contemporary art that will determine these spheres’ development in the next few decades.

Environmental changes, the permanent use of digital technologies across the world, and the implementation of artificial intelligence bring about a radical transformation of man’s relationship with the natural world, while also modifying all spheres of human activity. The evolving world requires a creative reconsideration of the present from people who should start looking for new solutions for the future.

The discussions that form the cycle Time for the Future will feature experts representing Ingosstrakh as well as a wide circle of other specialists who will address together ongoing environmental transitions. The speakers will include sociologists, ecologists, sustainable development experts, urban thinkers, museum workers, and contemporary artists. The participants will discuss the development of socially responsible businesses at a time marked by the dominance of the ecological agenda, the potential of the idea to create new environments within cities, and the influence of digitalization on social relations. Other topics include the specifics of digital arts’ evolution and the experience of integrating artificial intelligence in artistic practices, which raises questions about copyright and the imminent transformation of the art market affected by novel formats of collecting and insuring artworks.



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