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The New International Public Program

The New International
1 August – 21 September 2014


The education program accompanying the exhibition The New International will look at the world after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the major political and social changes during the 1990s, and the impact this had on the art world. The program includes discussions, tours, and children’s activities.




July 2, Wednesday

19:30  Garage Pavilion

The New International or Post-Global?

Kate Fowle talks with Boris Groys

On 2 July the curator of upcoming The New International Kate Fowle meets with philosopher and art historian Boris Groys, one of the world’s most prolific cultural theoreticians, to discuss the 1990s as a pivotal moment in history that continues to determine the changes in our understanding of identity and remains significant in its redefining of the boundaries of the art world, previously centered on Western European and North American models. While talking over her curatorial concept with Groys, who immigrated to Germany in 1981 and is known for his thoughts on the relationship between East and West, Fowle will also outline possible directions for curators and artists in the international context of today.

August 1, Friday

16:00  Garage Pavilion

NSK embassy Moscow: revisited 

Two roundtable discussions with IRWIN and guests.

In 1992, IRWIN instigated a conversation between artists, critics and curators from the former Soviet Union and former Yugoslavia on the topic «How the East Sees the East». This was part of the project, NSK EMBASSY MOSCOW, developed under the auspices of APT ART International. NSK EMBASSY MOSCOW revisited is a series of conversations and roundtable discussions between some of the original participants and a new generation of practitioners. Together they will reconsider some of the urgent questions from 22 years ago in the context of our current social and cultural climate.

Session 1: East/West/East then and now
Session 2: Collective Work then and now 

Moderated by Viktor Misiano, co-founder of APT ART International

August 1, Friday

20:00–21:30  Garage Pavilion

Malevich in the west

Lecture-performance by Nikolay Punin from New York

About the lecturer: Nicolay Punin lives and works in St. Petersburg and was a contemporary of Kazimir Malevich, who has a very close relationship with one of the participants of The New International, Alexander Brener. In his lecture, Nikolay Punin will look at seminal historic moments of the reception of Malevich’s work in Western Europe and the USA, questioning why Malevich has become such a symbolic figure of Russian contemporary art around the world.

Admission is free; spaces are limited; advance registration required

3 – 8 August 

Garage Pavilion

ICI curatorial intensive: developing infrastrucrures for art

Garage is collaborating with Independent Curators International to produce the first professional curatorial workshop for curators working around the world. Titled Developing Infrastructures for Art, this short-course training program will examine curatorial strategies for creatively building frameworks for art – from small-scale collaborative projects to new museums – that respond to the changing needs of artists and new art publics.

Saturday, 9 August 

14:30–16:30  Garage Pavilion 

ICI curatorial intensive. Public Symposium. 1 session

For Curatorial Intensive participants only

Saturday, 9 August

17:00–19:45  Garage Pavilion

ICI curatorial intensive. Public Symposium. 2 session

For Curatorial Intensive participants only

August 1 – September 21, 2014, Saturdays and Sundays

14:00–14:30  Garage Pavilion

Work Talk

Garage typically invites visitors to attend either a talk or lecture or a guided tour of its exhibitions. However, to further encourage open discussion and questions from the audience, Garage has created Work Talks, where each visitor is invited to take part in a live conversation with tour guides.

The 1990s were a time of many changes that affected our perception of national boundaries and their stability. The 9 artists featured in The New International come from different countries that were each affected in some way by a shift in geographical boundaries. Garage’s printed Timeline is designed to make sense of these changes by presenting international and local events in relation to the individual stories of each featured artist, also tracing those points where the artists’ personal histories intersect. The Timeline also provides a foundation for independent familiarization with the exhibition, as well as the basis for the Work Talk discussions.

Admission is free. The number of places is limited; please assemble at Garage Information Desk 10 minutes prior to the start of the Work Talk.



August 1 – September 21, 2014

Garage Pavilion


You can book an individual or group tour of the exhibition at the time of your choice. For further information about exhibition tours, please visit Garage Information Desk or call +7 495 645 05 20.

Duration: 60 minutes

18 – 21 September, 2014 

12:00–18:00  Garage Pavilion

Supramen tours in Moscow

As part of a project from the Swedish artist duo Supramen and independent curator Maria Kotlyachkova, Russian artists will guide visually impaired visitors through The New International exhibition.
At the end of each tour participants will be able to creatively demonstrate their impressions of the exhibition by creating a fanzine.

Session 1: 12.00 pm
Session 2: 3.00 pm
Session 3: 6.00 pm

Advance booking required; admission is free.

August 1 – September 21, 2014

Garage Pavilion

School and students tours

On weekdays, Garage offers free tours of the exhibition The New International for students and schools. Tours are adapted to various age groups.
To book a tour, please complete the application at

Available daily. Advance booking required. Admission is free. Duration: 60 minutes



August 1 – September 21, 2014, Saturdays and Sundays

13:00–17:00  Garage Pavilion

Open workshops

For children ages five and above and creative adults; admission is free.

As part of The New International, open workshops will be held for the first time inside the exhibition space. Participants will examine – both in theory and practice – the artistic mediums present within contemporary art. By analyzing and interpreting the works featured in the exhibition, such as video, photography, installation, painting and sculpture, workshop attendees will define the identifying features of each of the artistic mediums presented, and ultimately create their own works of art.  

Session 1: 1 – 1.50 pm
Session 2: 2 – 2.50 pm
Session 3: 3 – 3.50 pm
Session 4: 4 – 4.50 pm

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