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Supramen Tours in Moscow

18–21 September 2014


A project by Swedish art duo Supramen (Emmeli Persson and Emelie Carlen) and Maria Kotlyachkova, independent curator

Supramen Tours in Moscow

18-21 September
Session 1: 12.00 pm
Session 2: 3.00 pm
Session 3: 6.00 pm 

Saturday, September 20 
12.00 Supramen tour (in Russian)
15.00 Supramen tour (in Russian)
18.00 Supramen tour (in English)
Sunday, September 21
12.00 Supramen tour (in English) for Garage tour guides
15.00 Supramen tour (in Russian)
18.00 Supramen tour (in Russian)


Supramen’s name comes from the word “supraliminal” – existing above the threshold of consciousness. The artist duo explores alternative approaches to art communication and mediation, focusing mostly on the meaning and experience of an artwork, and not only on its visual perception. Together with the audience, they aim to understand what happens if, when perceiving the work of art, the main sensory organ – sight – is reduced.

Visuality and aesthetics are not the defining and only criteria of the success of an artwork. The perception of art is also dependent on the context and histories behind its creation. It is known that when one sensory organ fails to function, all others start to work more actively. So how can one understand a work of art if it is not first encountered with the help of eye sight? And can viewers be active participants in the creation of art in their imaginations?

Part of the exhibition The New International, Surpramen Tours are excursions for mixed groups, together with visually impaired people, resulting in the creation of a fanzine, which will help the audience to visualize their experience. Discussions with young Russian artists, will touch upon the topics of art education in Sweden and in Russia, and the fanzine or artist’s book as an instrument for presenting art.


Maria Kotlyachkova
Maria Kotlyachkova is an MA student of Curating at Stockholm University. She has worked on projects at the Association for Contemporary Art < rotor > (Austria), Festival for Contemporary Art Steirischer Herbst (Austria), Kalmar Art Museum (Sweden), Botkyrka Konsthall (Sweden), and Center for Experimental Art in the Public Realm Mossutställningar (Sweden).

Supramen comprises two young Swedish artists, Emmeli Person and Emelie Carlén. Person is studying contemporary art at Konstfack Colledge for Arts and Crafts, Stockholm, and Carlén at the Umeå Institute of Art. Supramen’s tour performances have been held at Nässjö Konsthall, Kalmar Konstmuseum and Ölands Folkhögskola.

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