Open Workshop Master Classes


From 12 December 2015 to 31 January 2016


Saturdays and Sundays from 13:00 to 16:30


Garage Kids' Studio


For children 5+ and creative adults.

Open workshops give children an opportunity to see works of contemporary art and study the techniques of the artists, as well as discovering such concepts as installation, performance, and Land art. Their very own creations can be realized with the help of teachers from open workshops.


December, 5–6

13:00–16:30  Garage Kids' Room

New Year Theatre

Right before the New Year holidays the workshops’ visitors will feel like they are real scenographers and actual theatre directors. We will dive into a magical mood and, inspired by ‘The Twelve Months’ and ‘The Nutcracker’, we will create the sets designs and the costumes for the fairytale characters.

December, 19–20 and 26–27

13:00–16:30  Garage Kids' Room

Christmas with Louise Bourgeois

In France Christmas is celebrated on December, 25. On this very day in 1911 a french artist, Louise Bourgeois, was born. Her art pieces are currently exhibited at the Garage Museum.
This weekend children and their parents will have a chance to take a closer look at Louise Bourgeois’s art, where the themes of memory, childhood, home and family are very important.
Listening to the recordings of the classic French children songs, performed by the artist herself, each workshop participant will create a small house with the nativity scene, which, according to the French tradition, is built right before Christmas. You will be able to decorate your scene with fabrics, threads, beads and mosaic. You will also create characters of your own and different things to fill your scene with, very much like Louise Bourgeois assembled her ‘Cages’ installations. You will find a small pocket on the top of the nativity scene where you can leave your wishes for your friends and family.

January, 16–17

13:00–16:30  Garage Kids' Room

A Painting that Has Come to Life

A painting is a special world, created by an artist. Who are the characters of those stories? What are they thinking about? Why are they fixed in those exact poses? This weekend we will take off on an exciting journey. We will make the paintings come to life and we will figure out what is going on behind the scenes.

January, 23

13:00–16:30  Garage Kids' Room

Cat’s Journey

Did you know that the Garage Museum has a mascot-cat? Well, its name is Garage Cat. Sometimes he walks among the museum visitors or takes a stroll in the park and very often interesting stories happen to him. This weekend we will compose comics in which we will portray different stories about Garage’s life. The Cat will pick the best ones!

January, 24

13:00–16:30  Garage Kids' Room

Catch the Moment

We will be looking at the art-pieces and watching the visitors of the Louise Bourgeois’s exhibition, getting acquainted with the terms ‘study’, ‘sketch’, and ‘point of view’, and we will learn to define the main and the secondary aspects when working on a drawing.

January, 30

13:00–16:30  Garage Kids' Room

Stories About Artists: Francisco Infante and Nonna Gorunova

This Saturday we will get acquainted with Russian artists’, Francisco Infante’s and Nonna Gorunova’s art. What do their art pieces resemble? Are they just mirrors or are they star-wrecks? Do the mirrors distort the space or do they broaden it?

January, 31

13:00–16:30  Garage Kids' Room

A Totem

When Louise Bourgeois moved to New York she really missed the family and friends who stayed in Paris. Thinking about them, she created several sculptures and named them after her friends. Those sculptures look like totems or amulets, the magic objects that have a special connection with a certain person or a whole kin. We will get acquainted with prehistoric traditions and create our own totems.


Yekaterina Golovanova studied at Ivan Fyodorov Moscow State University of Print (Institute of Graphics and Book Design). She is the winner of the national book illustration contest Obraz Knigi and has participated in numerous Moscow and international exhibitions.

Yekaterina Tarasova studied at the Arts and Graphics Department of Moscow State Pedagogical University and at Shenyang Pedagogical University in China. She teaches art at a Moscow State University school.

Oksana Antonchenko graduated from the History and Eastern Studies faculty of Tomsk Polytechnic University, and has worked in Russia and abroad. She has taken part in many children’s art festivals, education programs, and exhibitions.

Viktoria Sherbenko teaches drawing, painting, and art history. She studied at the Arts and Graphics Department of Moscow State Pedagogical University and at Perugia University in Italy. She has completed a course at Open Studios School of Contemporary Art and has taken part in or curated numerous exhibitions of emerging artists in Moscow.   

Nadezhda Chekhovich is a set designer. She studied in an art school and the Russian University of Theater Arts (stage design), and has taken part in many exhibitions.

Sonya Nikonorova studied sociology at the Russian State University for the Humanities and at the Polytechnic Research Institute in France. She has worked for various NGOs on education projects for orphans. She is currently working toward a psychology and teaching master’s degree at Moscow State University of Psychology and Pedagogy, specializing in early childhood development.

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