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Exhibition Tours. Soviet Antiquity in the Park: Athletes and Soviet Record-Breakers

28 October 2012



Sunday 28 October, 17:00
Aleksandra Selivanova and Alexey Petukhov
Soviet Antiquity in the Park: Athletes and Soviet Record-Breakers

In the 1930s, a group of sculptures from The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts were moved to Gorky Park creating a Greek paradise in the middle of Moscow. Discover more about these ‘proletarians in togas’, and learn how Soviet ‘labor record-breakers’ and ‘Greek athletes’ came together.

Alexey Petukhov (b. 1978), Candidate of Arts, is an art critic, a senior researcher of the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, a curator of the Contemporary French Art Collection.

Alexandra Selivanova (b. 1982), Candidate of Architecture, is an architectural historian, an artist and a curator of exhibitions for the Bulgakov Museum, a senior researcher of the Science and Research Institute of Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning, the head of New Moscow Project.

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