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Architecture is Nearby. Nikolay Malinin and Maria Fadeeva

Architecture is Nearby. Nikolay Malinin and Maria Fadeeva



Thursday 22 November, 20:00
Nikolay Malinin and Maria Fadeeva
Architecture is Nearby

Recently, there has been a boom in the creation of temporary structures in Russian cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vologda and Nizhny Novgorod. Investigate how these developments have changed the face of the modern city and created a new sense of urban self-awareness. Hear young Russian architects and critics discuss developments and related issues in a panel discussion.

Nikolay Malinin (b. 1970) is an architectural critic, a curator, a journalist and a designer of Another Moscow website and the founder of the House of the Year Award. He is the author of the guidebook Architecture of Moscow. 1989-2009. Putevoditel. Since 2010 Nikolai has overseen all the exhibitions within the ARCHIWOOD Project, and is a curator for the ARCHIWOOD Award for the best wooden architecture.

Maria Fadeeva (b. 1980) is an architectural columnist, a Master of Architecture, a co-author of the guidebook New Moscow 4, a co-author of the Svoboda Dostupa Educational Project, a team member of the ARCHIWOOD Project.

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