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The Attractive city. Evert Verhagen and Marina Khrustaleva

The Attractive city. Evert Verhagen and Marina Khrustaleva



Friday 16 November, 20:00
Evert Verhagen and Marina Khrustaleva
The Attractive city

Visitors to parks are able to jog, read, listen to music, wander around, walk their dogs, play with their children, and of course, enjoy picnics. However, they are rarely aware of the significance of their routine activities in the life of the city.  Explore how these activities contribute to improvements in the park and, consequently, to the urban environment as a whole.

Evert Verhagen (b. 1955) is the founder of the Creative Cities Agency and of REUSE BV Company which develop projects of public urban areas and parks. He has been the project manager for establishing Westergasfabriek and Noorderpark in Amsterdam and for the revival of the Tolhuis Gardens in the north of Amsterdam.

Marina Khrustaleva (b. 1978) is a manager for culture, a journalist, a translator, a curator and an author of over thirty publications on the history of architecture and land art, and on museum design. She is a member of the Coordinating Council for the Arhnadzor Social Movement.

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