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Kinopravda Archi-truths. Boris Pasternak

8 November 2012



Thursday 8 November, 20:00
Boris Pasternak
Kinopravda Archi-truths

Discover the work of the brilliant cinematic innovator Dziga Vertov. Vertov, a pioneer of world documentary, portrays the events of the All-Russian Agricultural and Handicraft Exhibition of 1923 in his newsreel series Kinopravda. The films reveal the compelling story of what became the cult event of the time. Learn more about this landmark series, and find out why the Eiffel Tower was shown in Soviet newsreels during the 1920s.

Boris Pasternak is the chief architect of the Center of Historical and Urban Planning Researchers, a member of the Scientific and Methodological Council for Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, a state expert for the historical and cultural expertise.

Admission is free.

Venue: Shigeru Ban pavilion in Gorky Park, 9, Krymsky Val

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