Cinematográfico: A Course for Children


From 15 April 2023 to 27 May 2023




Kids’ Studio

5 sessions

120 min

Garage and McGuffin Film School announce the launch of the course Cinematográfico for kids aged 9 to 12. Participants will learn about the endless and entertaining world of cinema and find out how to watch movies and why it’s good to know about cinema.

The course marks the publication in Russian translation of the eponymous children’s book by writer Gema Sirvent and illustrator Ana Pez about the history of cinema and the people behind it. The narrator is filmmaker Alice Guy-Blaché, who introduces readers to the fathers of the seventh art—Thomas Edison, the Lumière Brothers, Georges Méliès, the Skladanowsky Brothers, and Sergei Eisenstein—and their inventions.

Get a 10% discount if you preorder the book Cinematográfico.

The course is suitable for those who would like to find out about the appearance of cinematography, learn about all the stages of creating a film, and try them in practice.

Over five meetings, participants can try out the roles of scriptwriter, director, and costume designer, dub a film, and learn the secrets of various methods of film editing. The course is also designed to expand participants’ viewing experience. Sessions will include excerpts from classic and experimental films.

At the end of the course, each participant will produce their own project, choosing an approach which matches their idea, developing the project together with the course leaders, and presenting it. Participants can invite friends to the project viewing.

McGuffin Film School is a space for creativity and development for young people aged 10 to 18 who love cinema and video art. It is a place where professional filmmakers teach teens to create films, from the ideas stage to the premiere. The project includes educational programs, a film club, a festival, and production facilities.


Participation is free based on the results of an open call.

Applications will be accepted between March 23 and April 9 inclusive.

Results will be announced by April 10 (replies via email or messenger app).

Start date: April 15

To apply, please sent a written story (up to 100 words) or a video/video message in which you talk about your favorite film.

Applications should be send to or via Telegram (

The group is limited to 15 people.


Vladimir Kolmykov is a director, scriptwriter, and film editor. He studied documentary cinema and is now studying to be a film and TV director at Gerasimov State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). He has worked with the production companies Staff Vision and ATV. He makes videos and short films.

Darya Akimova is an animation artist. She is studying animation at Gerasimov State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). She makes illustrations and comics and has participated in animation festivals (Suzdal Animation festival, KROK, VGIK festival).


Anastasia Karaseva is a cinema researcher. She studied literary criticism at the Gorky Literary Institute. She teaches Cinema Studies at the film school at Moscow Pioneer Palace. She organizes film screenings and discussions and lectures on the theory and history of filmmaking.