Gema Sirvent and Ana Pez Cinematográfico

  • Year2023
  • LanguageRussian
  • Edition2000
  • Pages44
  • BindingHardcover
  • Price890 RUB
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This children’s book by the Spanish writer Gema Sirvent and illustrator Ana Pez tells the story of cinema and the people behind it. The narrator is filmmaker Alice Guy-Blaché, who introduces readers to the fathers of the seventh art—Thomas Edison, the Lumière Brothers, Georges Méliès, the Skladanowsky Brothers, and Sergei Eisenstein—and their inventions. Alice shares the secrets of the filming process and the principles of cinematic language, describing in detail the various film genres and their features. The striking design, the dynamic narrative, and numerous references to popular films make this book a true journey into the world of cinematography.

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Gema Sirvent (b. 1976, Alicante) is a freelance writer and editor. She has master’s degree in translation and visual arts from the University of Alicante. She is the editorial director of the publisher Libre Albedrío and also broadcasts a weekly show about children’s literature on Candil Radio.

Ana Pez (b. 1987, Madrid) is an illustrator and teacher. In 2015, she received a special mention at the BolognaRagazzi Awards and participated in an exhibition of illustrators in Bologna.