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Dieses obskure Objekt der Kunst. Russische Gegenwartskunst 1975–2007/ That Obscure Object of Art. Contemporary Russian Art 1975–2007

“This exhibition is timely as never before because Russian art is today undergoing a new phase of development and has caught the eye of the international arts community. After long decades of socialist indifference to contemporary trends, the enormous interest in contemporary art in Russia is visible: each year sees the opening of new galleries, the establishment of new art prizes, and more major exhibitions. For the first time in the last twenty years, after the revolutionary perestroika period, art historians now have the chance not only to see and describe, but also to analyze the phenomena that have taken place in Russian art during the last several decades. It was this desire to analyze the situation that guided Stella Art Foundation curator Vladimir Levashov as he selected works for this show at the KHM. The exhibition presents a historical cross section of Russian art from 1975 to 2007, revealing both native motifs as well as traits of globalism”. Stella Kesaeva

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705.2 2008

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