New Series of Children’s Books by PatrickGeorge

New Series of Children’s Books by PatrickGeorge

A series of books that help children to count, understand opposites, and develop their sense of color and shape. The bright graphics and simple illustrations will grab the attention of the youngest readers, and also delight schoolchildren and adults.

In June 2013, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture will present a new series of children’s picture books by British publishers PatrickGeorge. The series, which includes the innovative titles: Colours, Shapes, Opposites and Numbers, will be released for the first time in Russian as part of Garage’s joint publishing program with Clever Publishing.

Dynamic design duo PatrickGeorge use creative designs and a clever combination of materials to introduce a new way of learning with colors, shapes, numbers and the concept of opposites. They offer young readers bright, eye-catching illustrations to make learning about these basic educational ideas novel and new. Every page of the publication stimulates conversation and inspires children to think imaginatively and creatively. 

Each publication is skillfully created with a witty simplicity, making use of materials, such as transparent colored acetate sheets, to transform illustrations. For example, in Opposites, a teardrop-shape becomes either an orange candle flame or a blue drop of water falling from a tap, simply by turning the page. In Shapes, a semi-circle appears as a whale on one page and a railway tunnel on the next. In Colours, primary colors are introduced to the reader and then combined into more complex versions with the turn of a page.

The unique series is currently sold in leading museums across the United Kingdom, and Colours was recently Highly Commended in the Best Illustrated Book category in the 2012 Junior Design Awards.

The series appeals to children ages three and above. However, the books’ audience is much broader, and often buyers are adults from the creative industries, inspired by the original design concept.  

PatrickGeorge is the pseudonym of husband and wife team Peter and Ann Scott. Peter Scott is a renowned Graphic designer and illustrator, whose work has been featured extensively in British magazines and publications, and his wife Ann is an independent publisher.

  • Year2013
  • LanguageRussian
  • Edition3000
  • BindingHardcover

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