Socrates the President by Yan Marchand

Socrates the President by Yan MarchandSocrates the President by Yan Marchand
  • Year2018
  • LanguageRussian
  • Edition3000
  • Pages64
  • BindingHardcover
  • Price400 RUB
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Garage publishing program in collaboration with Ad Marginem Press

A new kids’ story from Plato & Co series written by Yan Marchand and illustrated by Yann Le Bras

The Ancient Greek philosopher, whom young readers already know from Salim Mokaddem’s Socrates in Love, now returns as a public figure: Yan Marchand’s book is based on Plato’s dialogue Gorgias, devoted to rhetoric.

This extraordinary story of his adventures offers an easy introduction to the life and ideas of the great thinker and encourages children to think and form their own opinions on serious matters like life and death, richness and poverty, dignity and justice.

What can rhetoric—the science of persuasion—teach us today and how can it be used for the greater good? Should one tolerate injustice or try and use physical force to put an end to it? What are Tartarus and the Fortunate Isles and where do baddies and good people go after they die? Once again, Socrates comes to help kids find answers to some of life’s most important questions. 


Yan Marchand is a writer and philosopher, author of books and plays for adolescents.. He has developed special courses in philosophy for school children and pre-schoolers. 

Donatien Mary is an artist and illustrator who studied at l'Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg.  He makes comic books and illustrates books for children and adults, often with engravings: etchings, aquatint, woodcuts, and linocuts.

Yann le Bras is an illustrator who graduated from the Faculty of Plastic Arts at the University of Rennes. He teaches at the Tomi Ungerer Museum/International Center for Illustration, Strasbourg.