Wittgenstein’s Rhinoceros by Françoise Armengaud

  • Year2016
  • LanguageRussian
  • Edition3000
  • Pages64
  • BindingHardcover
  • Price410 RUB
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The adventures of a great philosopher in a world where “a rhinoceros might be lurking where you least expect it”

After a debate with his teacher Bertrand Russell, young Ludwig Wittgenstein embarks on a mission to show that proving the absence of something—for example, the absence of a rhino in the Trinity College lecture hall—is much harder than proving its presence. In search of a rhinoceros, he travels to Iceland and Norway; visions of a rhino haunt him in the trenches of the First World War and on his secret mission to Soviet Russia. His long investigation will end in a rhino-philosophical treatise and the famous phrase “What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence.”   

Plato & Co. is a series of illustrated books about the lives and work of famous philosophers published by Les petits Platons. According to the French publisher, the series will be of interest to readers aged 9 to 99. The books were written by a group of contemporary French philosophers invited by the creator of the project: philosophy-historian and publisher Jean-Paul Mongin. Each story features illustrations in a certain style (for example, the drawings for The Ghost of Karl Marx allude to the works of Vladimir Lebedev). Engaging stories with vibrant illustrations explain the ideas of the key western philosophers in a playful and easy manner. These graphic novels are equally loved by French parents and philosophy and illustration enthusiasts.


Françoise Armengaud has taught philosophy of language and aesthetics at Paris West University Nanterre La Défense. She is an author of many publications on philosophy and children’s poetry.

Annabelle Buxton was born in Basingstoke, UK, and studied at the School of Applied Arts and Design in Strasbourg. She is the recipient of the Jeune Talent prize awarded by l'Académie des Sciences, des Lettres et des Arts d'Alsace and works as an illustrator for magazines, comic books publishers (Nobrow, Nyctalope) and advertisers.