Alexander Zhitenev A Brief History of the “New” in Russian Discourse About Art

Alexander Zhitenev <i>A Brief History of the “New” in Russian Discourse About Art</i>Alexander Zhitenev <i>A Brief History of the “New” in Russian Discourse About Art</i>
  • Year2022
  • LanguageRussian
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If an artist aims to be contemporary, does this mean that their work must necessarily be «new?»

Is «novelty» asserted in relation to some reference point or is it a permanent quality? Can it be argued that the «new» appears within a system of coordinates or does it manifest itself by creating such a system? Is a world without the «new» possible, and will this world still be the world of contemporary art?

These and other issues regarding novelty remained critical throughout the twentieth century, as they were associated with the problem of (self)legitimation of creativity, with its integration into various value and reputational hierarchies. At the same time, the content of the «new» and the range of implications and functions assigned to it were understood in significantly different ways in various historical contexts.

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Alexander Zhitenev (b. 1978, Voronezh) is a Doctor of Philology and researcher into Russian twentieth- and twenty-first-century literature. He is a Docent and Professor at Voronezh State University (since 2008) and was a Research Fellow at DFG-Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe at the University of Trier (Germany, 2019–2020).