Alexander Kluge, Russia-Container

Alexander Kluge, Russia-ContainerAlexander Kluge, Russia-Container
  • Year2021
  • LanguageRussian
  • Edition1500
  • Pages416
  • BindingHardcover
  • Price1660 руб.
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A book by writer, director, and new German cinema ideologist Alexander Kluge, Russia-Container is a collage of documentary and fictional texts about Russia: historical anecdotes, fragments of interviews, or essays.

“This book was written with love. With love for Russia, which lives in me thanks to my sister. Before she died, she made me promise that I would write about Russia. I tried to protest, saying that I knew practically nothing about this country. She insisted: ‘trust your imagination, come up with something! It comes off best when you write about what you do not know, about what arouses curiosity.’ Eventually, my book contains stories that are real and fictional. Of the many books I have written, this one is the most beloved,”

Alexander Kluge


Alexander Kluge (b. 1932, Halberstadt) is a German filmmaker, writer, and a key figure in New German Cinema—one of the initiators of the Oberhausen Manifesto (1962), whereby 26 young West German directors declared the need for the development of national cinema, including through state subsidies. Having gained recognition for the films Yesterday Girl (1966) and The Artist in the Circus Dome: Clueless (1968), in 1987 Kluge founded his own company, dctp, which became a platform for the production of independent programs on private German television, including a series of his TV interviews with cultural personalities from different countries.

As a writer, Kluge is known both as an author of fiction and a social critic. His Chronicle of Feelings (Chronik der Gefühle) was translated into Russian in 2004.