Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion



Inclusion program partner

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art’s Inclusive Programs department presents an online platform that accumulates the experience of Russian and international institutions and experts in the field of inclusion. The platform amasses research and popular science articles, interviews, reviews of inclusive events, and much more. The materials are designed for both professionals and those who are just approaching the subjects of diversity and inclusion.

The Garage team understands inclusion as a set of practices aimed at maintaining diversity in society, ensuring physical and information accessibility, and overcoming exclusion and discrimination. The platform has two main tasks: to archive the already implemented inclusive programs and represent various inclusive approaches. Analysis and systematization of a wide range of inclusive practices will allow us to trace the general trends of inclusion in the cultural environment in the future.

For ease of navigation, the platform’s website features two blocks, theoretical and practical. Keywords located below the search box will also help to simplify searching.

The theoretical block allows users to acquire a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion, explore the basic principles behind the notion of diversity, scrutinize all the aspects of approaching inclusion and related concepts properly, and learn the basics of interaction and work with people with different types of disabilities.

The practical block provides information on how specific institutions deal with particular inclusion-related tasks and challenges.

Encouraging pluralism of opinions, Garage’s team invites specialists in the field of inclusion to share their experience of launching and developing inclusive practices in cultural institutions. Thematically, materials uploaded on the platform will cover the existing approaches to understanding inclusion; cultural institutions’ work with people with disabilities, visitors with migration and forced migration experience; and projects aimed at overcoming discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion, age, physical and learning disabilities, education and income level, marital status, and other characteristics integral to the human personality.

Materials in Russian and English are accepted in the form of analytical, popular science and review articles, interviews, chronicles and news, as well as video materials. Proposals can be sent to openmuseum@garagemca.org.

The platform’s partner is Beeline; a company committed to supporting initiatives in the field of inclusion and accessibility.


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