Program in support of Russian contemporary art 2019/2020

Program in support of Russian contemporary art 2019/2020Program in support of Russian contemporary art 2019/2020


From 2019, Garage’s grant program for artists aged under-35 working in the field of contemporary art operates with the support of Ingosstrakh, the Museum’s strategic partner.

Launched in 2012, the grant program provides emerging artists from across Russia with an opportunity to develop professional skills, expand research interests, and become part of current contemporary art processes.

Seven winners of the program will be awarded a monthly fellowship of 40,000 rubles. The recipients will also be actively engaged in education and exhibition projects conducted by Garage.

Application deadline: September 25, 2019

Grant award amount: 40,000 rubles


Age of the artists: 18 to 35

Priority qualities: Award decisions will be based on the applicants’ uniqueness of vision, employment of new materials and forms, and cogency of artistic approach.

CV requirements:The committee will consider the candidates’ projects for the next year (sketches, concepts), but priority will be given to candidates with completed projects and exhibitions on their CV.


Nailya Allakhverdieva, Art Director, PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm;

Iaroslav Volovod, Curator, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow;

Konstantin Zatsepin, Specialist, Samara branch of the Tretyakov Gallery;

Maria Kramar, Curator, V–A–C Foundation, Moscow;

Stanislav Shuripa, artist, curator, and Rector, Joseph Backstein Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow.


The winners of Garage grant program for emerging artists working in the field of contemporary art for the year 2019/2020 are:

Anastasia Vepreva (St. Petersburg);

Alisa Gorshenina (Nizhny Tagil);

Polina Kanis (Moscow);

Vasily Kononov-Gredin (Kirov);

Sofia Skidan (Moscow);

Zaur Tsugaev (Grozny).

The seventh recipient is Igor Samolet (Moscow) who has been awarded the grant for the second year in a row.



Applications for program in support of Russian contemporary art are no longer accepted.