Program in support of Russian contemporary art 2017/2018

Program in support of Russian contemporary art 2017/2018Program in support of Russian contemporary art 2017/2018


Currently the only program of its kind in the country, Garage’s grant program was launched in 2012 in order to create a system of support for emerging artists.

Offering emerging artists a period of financial independence, the program allows them to become more deeply engaged in creative activities, to grow professionally, and to conduct research. Recipients are also invited to take part in Garage’s exhibition and education programs. The winners, selected by an expert jury, are awarded a monthly fellowship of 30,000 rubles.



Аlexander Burenkov, Senior Specialist Regional Development, ROSIZO-NCAA;

Оksana Budulak, Сurator, PR-director, Mira Square Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk;

Кonstantin Zatsepin, Deputy Director, Middle Volga Branch, ROSIZO-NCCA, Samara;

Snejana Krasteva, Curator, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art;

Irina Korina, artist.


During the application period for both programs Garage received 335 applications and named just eight winners.

The expert committee for the program in support of emerging Russian artists picked the following artists:

Аnastasia Bogomolova

Аslan Gaisumov

Кirill Savchenkov

Мikhail Tolmachev

Lyudmila Kalinichenko

Vladimir Chernyshev

Artist Olga Kroytor got her scholarship extended.


Age of the artists: 18 to 35

Priority qualities: Award decisions will be based on the applicants’ uniqueness of vision, employment of new materials and forms, and cogency of artistic approach.

CV requirements:The committee will consider the candidates’ projects for the next year (sketches, concepts), but priority will be given to candidates with completed projects and exhibitions on their CV.