Grant program in support of young Russian artists 2013/2014

Grant program in support of young Russian artists 2013/2014Grant program in support of young Russian artists 2013/2014


Garage announces 2013/14 program in support of young Russian artists.

The program aims to support artists early in their career - ages 18 to 35 - to allow them to carry out work and assist in their development. Over 400 artists submitted applications for individual grants of 20,000 rubles per month. Successful applicants were selected by a specialist committee on the basis that they created interesting and unusual contemporary work, utilizing original materials and forms.

Grant award amount: 20,000 rubles


Ekaterina Inozemtseva, chief curator of the Moscow Museum of Multimedia Art (MAMM);

Svetlana Marich, vice chairman and co-director of the contemporary art department, Phillips auction house, Europe;

Anton Belov, director of Garage;

Kate Fowle, chief curator of Garage;



Having reviewed 307 applications, the expert board selected the seven recipients of the program’s scholarship for 2013–14:

Evgeny Granilshchikov (Moscow)

Arseny Zhilyaev (Voronezh – Moscow)

Xenia Sorokin (Astrakhan – Moscow)

ZIP Group (Krasnodar)

Marina Androsovich (Moscow)

Ilya Dolgov (Voronezh)

Ivan Gorshkov (Voronezh) was awarded the scholarship for the second year in a row.


Age of the artists: 18 to 35

Priority qualities: Award decisions will be based on the applicants’ uniqueness of vision, employment of new materials and forms, and cogency of artistic approach.

Application: Applications will be accepted from representatives of institutions for arts education and from members of the grant committee. Artists interested in applying independently will have their work examined by a panel of experts prior to submitting their applications to the committee.