Program in support of Russian contemporary art 2020/2021

Program in support of Russian contemporary art 2020/2021Program in support of Russian contemporary art 2020/2021


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art announces that it is now accepting applications for the 2020/2021 grant program in support of emerging artists working in the field of contemporary art.

Launched in 2012, the grant program is a key element of the Museum’s commitment to fostering and supporting the local art scene. The goal of the program is to provide young artists from across Russia with an opportunity to develop professional skills, expand the scope of their research interests, and become part of current contemporary art processes.

Seven winners of the program will be selected by an expert jury, with each laureate awarded a monthly fellowship of 50,000 rubles for the period of one year. Recipients will get involved in the Museum’s education and exhibition projects.

Application deadline: September 27 (inclusive), with winners announced on the Museum’s website on November 1, 2020
Grant award amount: 50,000 rubles


Elena Ishchenko, curator, Typography Center for Contemporary Art (Krasnodar),

Ekaterina Krupennikova, curator, V-A-C Foundation (Moscow),

Ekaterina Lazareva, curator, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow),

Alexander Obrazumov, artist (Moscow),

Petr Zherebtsov, curator, TsK19 Cultural Center (Novosibirsk).


Androgyne and Centaur art group, founded 2020 by Anton Ryanov (b. 1986, Gorky) and Vera Berlinova (b. 1987, Tashkent);

Antonina Baever (b. 1989, Moscow);

beznazvaniia art community, founded 2019 by Anna Lyalina (b. 1991, Tula) and Maksim Amelchenko (b. 1994, Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovskaya Oblast);

Alina Desyatnichenko (b. 1991, Tashkent);

Kirill Garshin (b. 1990, Voronezh);

Oleg Khadartsev (b. 1985, Kovdor, Murmanskaya Oblast);

Anastasia Kuzmina (b. 1989, Ulyanovsk);

Dmitry :: vtol :: Morozov (b. 1986, Moscow);

Natalia Nikulenkova (b. 1987, Gorky);

Ulyana Podkorytova (b. 1984, Bryansk);

Yuri Selivanov (b. 1987, Moscow);

Boris Shershenkov (b. 1990, Vladivostok);

Rina Volnykh (b. 1997, Moscow);

Arnold Weber (b. 1991, Cheboksary).

The Museum will also continue to pay a stipend to 2019/2020 Garage grant winner Zaur Tsugaev (b. 1984, Grozny).


Age of the artists: 18 to 35

Priority qualities: Award decisions will be based on the applicants’ uniqueness of vision, employment of new materials and forms, and cogency of artistic approach


Applications for program in support of Russian contemporary art are no longer accepted.