LETA × Garage joint jewelry collection


9 Feb 2022

Garage and LETA have designed a joint jewelry collection based on one of the Museum’s symbols, the Autumn mosaic in Garage Atrium. A percentage of the price of each piece sold will be transferred to Garage Endowment Fund.

The collection features two pairs of earrings, three rings, a necklace, and a bracelet. The color and shape of the enamel inserts are reminiscent of the mosaic’s original fragments, while the «empty» elements are a reminder of the parts that were lost. Each piece of jewelry is a reminder that even a small grain is authentic, valuable, and the foundation for a big idea. For example, the white enamel rectangular studs allude to the lightest elements of the mosaic, the flying bird and the wind, conveying the sense of purity and freedom embedded in the work by as yet unidentified artist. The gaps in the jewelry symbolize heritage that may be missing, but that is no less significant.

«When creating the collection, I delved into the history of the Soviet heritage. I studied the precursors to the appearance of mosaic panels and their increasing importance in interior and exterior design, as well as their key symbols. In a sense, mosaics were a tool of visual propaganda, but not necessarily ideological. The subjects represented usually include global peace, sport, labor, space, the desire for progress, and historical events, ” says Katya Alagich, the designer of the collection.

Mikhail Tantsura, co-founder of the brand, commented on the decision to transfer a percentage of the cost of each piece to Garage Endowment Fund: «We began cooperating with the Museum in 2019 when we became the first corporate donors to Garage Endowment Fund. We already had charity experience in the field of the environment (for many years LETA has been helping the Baltic Seal Friends Fund to preserve the species in the Gulf of Finland) and we decided to support Garage, which is one of the most important cultural phenomena in the country. That support has grown into a real friendship between our teams, leading to a joint collection and the idea of transferring 5% from each piece of jewelry sold to Garage Endowment Fund.»

The collection is available online and offline in Garage Shop, on the LETA website, and in partner stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other Russian cities.



The cornerstone of Leta’s DNA is the acceptance of time. We are convinced that trends are not a cure-all. Jewelry created in 2022 will stay with you in 2032, because good design becomes timeless when related to art and architecture.

From the moment of its creation Leta has gone all the way from a small basement workshop to one of the oldest manufacturies in the Ural. Jewelry items are now available in stores across Russia and worldwide.


In 2021, Garage Endowment Fund received its first investment income, which was distributed between eight of the Museum’s projects, including the exhibition Spirit Labor. Duration, Difficulty, and Affect; a joint program of classes for schoolchildren with the I Understand Center for the Development and Support of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and their Parents; and the acquisition by Garage Archive Collection of the Made in Dance collection of artifacts about the history of electronic dance music in Russia.