The season’s finest gifts and souvenirs are waiting at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art


28 Dec 2015

Choose what suits you best from our festive collection of Garage merchandise, bestselling books, educational courses, and trendy trinkets.

With our special line of gifts and souvenirs, available at Garage Bookshop, now you can experience the Museum even at home. For instance, gifts with the Garage logo on them are available for sale: the Mosaic line of items is decorated with that same work of art’s red-haired girl in the whirl of autumn leafs. Garage’s Mosaic was renovated during the reconstruction of the Museum’s permanent home, which was the restaurant Vremena Goda (Seasons of the Year) during Soviet times. And now the image is a part of Garage’s pocket mirrors, elegant throw cushions, magnets, and greeting cards.

Along with exhibition catalogues, original research, bestsellers, and books for kids, visitors will find practical sweatshirts for adults and kids, t-shirts, eco-friendly notebooks, handy canvas bags, and greeting cards, all of which can be mailed off right after purchase.

Take a special look at the original jewelry and pottery inspired by world-famous artist Louise Bourgeois’ works and her exhibition Structures of Existence: The Cells, which is now on show at the Museum until February 7, 2016.

You may also wish to buy tickets for the New Year’s interactive project Art Experiment. In the Studio, which takes audiences behind the scenes and into the magical world of the artist’s studio by two emerging Russian artists, Irina Korina and Alexander Povzner. The project runs until January 10, 2016.

Garage has also launched an open call for educational courses available to adults, kids and families.  At Garage Educational Center and online you can purchase season ticket and enjoy classes led by professional artists, architects, writers, photographers, and more.

A Garage gift certificate that can be exchanged for a GARAGE card is always a good choice, too: GARAGE cardholders enjoy free entrance to exhibitions, discounts, special offers, and many other benefits.