LIPMAN ARCHITECTS Wins the Garage Screen 2022 Architectural Concept Competition


12 Oct 2021

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art has announced the results of the third open competition to create a design concept for Garage Screen summer cinema. The 2022 summer pavilion will be designed by LIPMAN ARCHITECTS (Moscow, Russia).

The project by LIPMAN ARCHITECTS is based on gabion mesh: the walls of the cinema will function as a load-bearing frame covered with metal mesh on both sides, the space between which will be filled with plastic water bottles. This design absorbs sound, allows air to pass through and refracts light. When the interior lighting is on, an unusual play of light is created in the pavilion thanks to the convex surface of the bottles.

“When we started work on the competition proposal we decided that our concept should be eco-friendly and that we should use recycled materials in the design of the pavilion. Throughout the working process we reflected on the intersections that exist between architecture, cinema, and life, eventually coming to the conclusion that they are united by temporality, cyclicality, and unpredictability. That is how the idea of creating a bottle pavilion that looks more like an image or a mirage than a real-life structure emerged,” comments Dmitry Lipman, founder of LIPMAN ARCHITECTS.

The competition received 118 applications.

The jury comprised Garage director Anton Belov, director of Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design and Strelka KB partner Varvara Melnikova, head of maintenance and construction at Garage Dmitry Konyakhin, Garage Screen curator Evgeny Gusyatinsky, founders of the 2019 competition winner snkh Ashot and Armine Snkhchyan, Head of Animation and Illustration at the Higher School of Economics and creator of graphic art and music videos Alexey Ryumin, and architectural historian and head of the project Moscow through the Eyes of an Engineer Ayrat Bagautdinov.

The competition was organized by consulting company KB Strelka.