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Garage and Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation announce a program to support Tsikory Center for Contemporary Art in Zheleznogorsk


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and Alisher Usmanov’s Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation have launched a program to support Tsikory Zheleznogorsk Center for Contemporary Art (Kursk Region), which will become a key institution in the sustainable development of Zheleznogorsk’s cultural community and foster the development of the entire region.

Successful collaborators since 2015, Garage and Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation create education programs across the country to facilitate positive social change. In 2017, Garage accepted the Foundation’s invitation to join ART-OKNO, a cultural platform active in a number of Russian towns: Zheleznogorsk, Stary Oskol, Gubkin, and Novotroitsk.

In 2019, Garage took part in the development of the education program Sociocultural Design in Urban Spaces in Zheleznogorsk. It included a grant program, the winners of which included Tsikory Zheleznogorsk Center for Contemporary Art.

Tsikory was founded in 2018 and runs exhibition and education programs aimed at developing the town and its creative scene through art. The Tsikory team organize the Zheleznogorsk Biennial of Contemporary Art and the Son Rudokopa festival of contemporary film.

Fatima Mukhomedzhan, Director, Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation: “Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation facilitates cultural dialogue between the center and the regions, giving a strong impetus to the sustainable development of small towns in the regions of Kursk, Belgorod, and Orenburg. Zheleznogorsk already has a young and active community that we have been supporting through the ART-OKNO cultural platform. Cultural centers bring local activists together and give them opportunities to create the foundation for the balanced development of entire regions. I am sure that Tsikory will become a foundation for the cultural growth of the region and a great example of an impactful Museum-Foundation collaboration in developing a creative urban environment in Zheleznogorsk.”

Anton Belov, Director, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art: “Centers for contemporary art and culture in Russia’s regions are powerhouses of growth and development for local communities; hubs that attract talented and extraordinary people. For Garage, it has always been important to build sound partnerships with such centers. Our joint program of support for Tsikory with the Foundation is one possible form of such cooperation, and one of which we are proud.”

The decision by Garage to support Tsikory and its activities reflects the Museum’s dedication to working with local contexts. The first stage of the collaboration includes the reconstruction of the center’s building. Architect Maria Serova’s design project will add to the building a multifunctional space for screenings and lectures and a library that will be stocked with books on contemporary art, architecture, and culture.

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