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New terms added to the Signing Museum for kids mobile app

Last fall, the team at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art designed and presented a free family phone app offering the first dictionary in Russia of contemporary art terms in Russian Sign language (RSL) for children. This learning app helps kids get to know more about the art world through learning RSL terms. The demonstration of each term is made in the form of a short video where deaf children explain art categories to other kids using their native sign language.

In October this year, a separate video library introducing a brief history of art from Ancient Egypt and Classical Antiquity to the present day has been added to the mobile app. This has been made possible with the support of The Valuable 500 PJSC VimpelCom (Beeline brand)—a partner company that contributes to the global movement toward inclusion and has been systematically producing digital technologies for people with disabilities since 2007. 

Many deaf children and teenagers have embraced the role of narrators guiding their peers through art historical milestones. To further consolidate the acquired knowledge, there is a quiz based on the interaction of sign and verbal languages, as well as colorful riddle-rebuses.

With the updated version of the application introducing twenty-one new terms, Garage’s Inclusive Programs department is planning to annually replenish and expand the app with more categories from the world of art.


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