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Garage and UNIQLO introduce new zone named “Together toward Sustainability” in Garage

As part of the cooperation between Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and its strategic partner—UNIQLO, the Japanese global apparel retailer—issues of sustainable development have been repeatedly raised. Systematic education and a shared desire to make art and fashion accessible to everyone are just two of the steps toward realizing the concept of sustainable development.

The issues of a balanced life in an inclusive society and a responsible approach to our planet concern everyone, but it is often difficult to take the first step in this direction. The special Garage and UNIQLO zone, which has appeared for several months in the Museum Atrium, is intended to inspire visitors and help them to live more sustainably.

Over its twelve-year history, the Museum has implemented many projects aimed at preserving and popularizing cultural heritage. Garage contributes to the conservation of the environment and natural resources by optimizing its infrastructure and operations. The Museum actively cooperates with companies that share its goals and values in the field of social and environmental responsibility, and Museum employees are ready to share their experience.

UNIQLO, an international clothing brand from Japan, also supports and implements sustainable development programs that aim to assist local communities and minimize human impact on the environment. UNIQLO's concept of LifeWear, or "Clothes for Life," is inseparable from the direction of sustainable development. The brand strives to create clothing for life in harmony with the planet. Striving for harmony, sustainable use of natural resources, and workforce development, UNIQLO ensures the sustainable development of its brand, based on three key areas: employees, planet, and society.

This zone provides information about environmentally friendly materials, innovative technologies, and principles of a circular economy used in the production of clothing.

If you want to know more about your influence on the world around you, take our test. It will tell you how sustainable your lifestyle is and help you learn more about how to live in harmony with the planet.

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Photo: Anton Donikov

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