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Special guide on Museum’s building for Izi Travel platform

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the top 100 most visited museums in the world and one of the top 5 in Russia. Aiming to set new standards for contemporary culture, Garage brings together people who consider contemporary art an integral part of their lives.

The Museum’s building is part of Moscow’s architectural heritage. Reconstructed by Rem Koolhaas and OMA, the famous Soviet café Vremena Goda, which opened in 1968, has been converted into a space suited to the needs of a contemporary museum.

To celebrate the building’s history, Garage has prepared a guide to it for IZI Travel.

The guide was written by Anna Bronovitskaya, head of research at the Institute of Modernism and co-author of the Museum’s best-selling  guides to Soviet modernist architecture Moscow and Almaty. Russian speakers will hear the text narrated by Bronovitskaya, while the English version is read by journalist and Russia Beyond presenter Anna Fyodorova.

Starting from the Leninsky Prospekt entrance to Gorky Park, the guide tells the story of the Garage building, offering an analysis of its original architecture and of its evolution since the reconstruction by Rem Koolhaas and OMA.

IZI Travel users will learn about the museum’s exterior and interior design, the architectural solutions implemented by the Vremena Goda and OMA architects, and discover an artwork hidden in one of the Museum’s walls.

Follow the link to open the guide in the IZI Travel app.

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