5th Garage Art Book Fair and Vkus Bumagi Print Market Announce an Open Call


19 Dec 2019

For the second year running, GARAGE ART BOOK FAIR and Vkus Bumagi Print Market will join together to transform the Museum’s entire ground floor into a space for experimentation with seemingly the most conservative medium—the book, and author’s graphics.

Image and text are the two basic elements that form a book. Over the 500 years of book making, illustration’s merely applied status has disappeared turning it into an independent art medium and everyday practice. Book artists permanently reinvent illustration by keenly responding to any changes happening in the world and reflecting on the subjects relevant today using visual instruments.

In avant-garde art, text itself operated as a visual tool, with letters jumping across pages and sentences grouping or falling into abstract figures. This is how the habitual frameworks of publishing formats become vague, making our perception of the book more complex. To read or to watch? Literature or an art object? Subculture or an important social phenomenon? Samizdat or small press? Artist’s book, zine, or journal?

Bringing together different art production regimes and publishing practices, Garage will once again play host to an interdisciplinary space for experimentation and dialogue.

GARAGE ART BOOK FAIR and Vkus Bumagi Print Market invite publishers, artists, illustrators, small press, galleries, and other experimenters to participate.

To take part in GARAGE ART BOOK FAIR, please fill in the application form.

To take part in Vkus Bumagi Print Market, please fill in the application form.