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Garage Teens Team returns with a new open call!

With classes due to begin in February 2020, tutors for the new team in the Spring semester will be graduates of Garage Teens Team’s previous iterations—emerging researchers, designers, and curators, students of some of the top Moscow and London universities.

The courses and workshops they have prepared for the program are based around experience exchange and open up new ways to understand the phenomenon of contemporary art in its complexity and acquire useful skills allowing participants to work in this field. The program encourages participants to rely on their individual attitudes instead of abstract laws, fostering inventive and flexible thinking, openness to new ideas, and ability to find and structure information.

Garage Teens Team alumni will share tips on making exhibitions with minimum budgets, teach participants to create zines, and discuss contemporary art with those who don’t like it. They will demonstrate the specificity of street cultural and self-representational gestures such as actions and performances, explain how to approach science art, and help to get rid of “imposter syndrome”. The diverse fields of knowledge covered by the program are brought together through the “grounding” immersion into the Museum’s life and communication with its staff, thereby providing access to the most intriguing “insider” information about the institution.

The participants will also learn the basics of project management and research methodology. In September 2020, they will begin working on their main projects. Each member of the new Teens Team will have the opportunity to present the idea of the project and discuss the level of its publicity. The eventual formats—be it a research project, a performance, a zine, a series of internal talks and discussions, or even something completely different—will be selected via open voting by Garage Teens Team and a jury featuring the Museum’s staff.

Participation is free. Designed for young people from fourteen to eighteen years old, the eighteen-month program will run through Summer 2021.

To become a Teens Team member send a statement at by December 10, 2019, indicating your name and age, current educational institution and the future direction you wish to pursue, and most importantly, why you would like to join the team.

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