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Express Instagram course by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and Teper tak

Garage and Teper tak are launching #пробуютак, an express Instagram course in responsible consumption, which will be running during the last month of the exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100.

From November 1 until the end of the month, the Garage and Teper tak course in responsible consumption will be publishing daily advice on building a more mindful relationship with ourselves and the environment on their Instagram channels. Over the 30 days, they will present a list of simple habits for mindful living, easy to share via Instagram.

The world will never be as it was before, and a new culture will bring with it new joys. The course will be accompanied by a series of ASMR videos—because new habits should bring pleasure and not discomfort. 

The course is open to everyone: choose the habits that suit you most or try all of them at once. You can start with the habits that are already quite common: get a travel mug and a reusable fruit bag, try and use water sparingly or come to a clothing swap. Share your new habits with the hashtag #пробуютак. The most active users will get free tours of The Coming World and a Garage membership card.

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