Evolution of The Coming World


4 Oct 2019

Over 300,000 people have visited the ecological forum The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100, which is on at Garage until December 1 and features works by artists from across the world. Many people have made return visits. The Coming World is a platform for contemporary artists, theorists, and activists to discuss environmental issues. Upcoming forum events include public talks by the philosopher and author of Being Ecological Timothy Morton, and the video game designer and creator of Death Stranding, the most anticipated game of 2019, Hideo Kojima. Both events will take place on October 4.

In fall, Garage team presents a new type of tour of The Coming World, structured around three modules: Water, Atmosphere, and Evolution. These modules offer a fresh look at our relationship with the environment and invite viewers to discuss the questions that humanity might face in the future. How do you take a break from radiation? What is the price of drinking water for tomorrow? Where can you get air with no middleman? Each module looks into one of the ecoforum’s topics, but only together do they cover all of the subjects raised in The Coming World. The first thirty visitors to book all three modules online will receive a gift based on works by exhibition artists.

Water examines our planet’s water resources. You can learn about plastic waste in the ocean, vote to save one of Russia’s water sources, and find out how much water is required to produce one car.

Atmosphere looks at pollution, depletion of resources and the influence of technology on our psyche. You will consider how our eating habits might evolve, see the effects of radioactive fall-out, and inspect the air that people breathe in Moscow.

Evolution explores evolution, the loss of species, and the factors that determine genetic mutations. How might our bodies and minds change? Which irreversible changes will shape the future?

Another new element is Tape Moscow, a large biomorphic installation by Numen/For Use, which opened on October 1. The installation is made of biodegradable cellulose tape and visitors can go inside to explore its cocoon-like, tentacular space.

Garage will continue to run overview tours of the exhibition, where visitors can learn more about the works and the artists and get a different perspective on environmental issues. Over the past three months Garage guides have led 200 tours to explain why ecology will become a key issue in politics and social development.