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Ecological Manifesto by Garage at Afisha Picnic

Afisha Picnic visitors will have the chance to see the installation Un/Recyclable, exchange plastic for eco checklists, relax and think about the questions raised in the exhibition The Coming World in the lounge zone, and get two tickets to the exhibition for the price of one.

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is expanding its program beyond its premises to raise public awareness of the issues discussed in the exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100 and share its ecological experience. The Garage lounge zone at Afisha Picnic will be situated by the Summer Stage and the mooring. The zone will feature Un/Recyclable, a mirror object based on Alexander Obrazumov’s work for the Museum’s facade in Gorky Park, which was produced for The Coming World and comments on the ambiguity of green rhetoric. At Afisha Picnic the message of the work will be underscored by the setting: any large-scale music festival produces huge volumes of trash, and in particular plastic waste, which is not always recycled.

Next to Un/Recyclable visitors will find bins for general trash, plastics, and plastic bottle caps. Funds raised through recycling the plastic bottle caps will be donated to charity. Visitors who submit waste for recycling will receive the Garage eco checklist, which is printed on recycled paper and contains conscious consumption guidelines that are easy to follow. Until September 3, visitors who bring their checklist to Garage can purchase two tickets to The Coming World for the price of one. Garage mediators will be present in the Museum’s lounge zone and will be happy to provide more information about the exhibition.    

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