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Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents a limited line of souvenirs in support of the Garage Green program and accessories to accompany the exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100

Opening on June 28 at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, the extensive exhibition project The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100 embraces works by over fifty Russian and international artists suggesting a reflection on such a significant subject as ecological thinking. The Museum has prepared a series of souvenirs and accessories based on the artworks on show which, among other things, are produced in accordance with the principles of conscious consumption. 

The artist Dan Perjovschi’s pieces are reproduced on clothing items and accessories. Perjovschi plays with various words or verbal constructions bringing into being new meanings linked to such current issues as the influence of humans on the environment. The collection includes T-shirts and hoodies featuring his phrase “Human Nature”, canvas bags with the motto “No plan(et)”, as well as iPhone overs, postcards made of recycled paper, and posters with the title of the show and graphic works executed by the artist specially for Garage.

The work of artist and sculptor Patricia Piccinini explores the limits of “ours” and “other’s” by creating fantastical creatures with both anthropomorphic and zoomorphic features. The series of souvenirs based on her practice comprises stickers, postcards, iPhone covers, a T—shirt, and the Skywhale pendant inspired by a Piccinini’s artwork. The pendant is available in limited edition in gilded and silver-plated versions.

Additionally, Garage has released a series of accessories within the program of sustainable development Garage Green which implements the principle of waste-free production. 

Instead of throwing away the remnants of iridescent tape left after the installation of Garage Screen summer cinema in front of the Museum, these offcuts were given a second life by the Garage Green staff who turned them into practical—as the tape is resistant to water and mechanical damage—and attractive accessories: cardholders, wallets, covers for laptops and passports. 

The Museum’s former advertising media were also gifted a second life by Garage and the team of Banner Bag, who used them to produce a line of fastened up sizeable shoppers, practical water-resistant backpacks, and small and light bags. The resulting accessories are a great example of how almost anything can be given a new life by significantly reducing the amount of waste in the process.

Also on offer are sketchbooks and bookmarks made using recycled paper, and pens with replaceable refills made from the material recovered during the recycling of  Tetra Pak cartons.

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