Garage announces the winners of GARAGE.txt grant program supporting researchers

In 2018, Garage received over fifty applications from researchers Russia and abroad, with research areas ranging from the theory and practices of contemporary art and contemporary dance to philosophy, design and the history of the everyday.

GARAGE.txt 2018 winners are:

Anna Kozonina (dance critic, co-founder of the publishing program at Krasnaya Lastochka Lab) with the study Art Strategies in Russian Post Dance;

Katarina Lopatkina (independent curator, doctoral candidate in art history) with To Influence the Minds and Will of Workers, in Particular Through Contemporary Art. International Artists in the USSR 1920s—1950s;

Alena Sokolnikova (lecturer at British Higher School of Art and Design, doctoral candidate in pedagogy) and Natalya Sokolnikova (Professor at Moscow State University of Education) with the project From Art to Production and Back. Design as Soviet Women’s Path to Creative Liberation.

In addition, Garage supported the publication of Viacheslav Koleichuk’s Kineticism. The new edition of the book was put forward by the artist’s daughter Anna Koleichuk.

Launched in 2016, GARAGE.txt offers support to researchers who write on contemporary art and culture in Russian language. Successful applicants get funding for completing their research, as well as an opportunity to publish completed manuscripts with Garage.

In 2016 and 2017 Garage supported four projects. In 2018 the Museum published Vladimir Salnikov’s collection of articles Picasso’s Never Heard of Us edited by Irina Gorlova (GARAGE.txt winner in 2017) and the study Cybernetics in Soviet Humanities and Arts. Big Data Analysis and Computer Art by Yanina Prudenko (winner 2016). In 2019, Garage will release A Brief History of Nizhny Novgorod Street Art by Alisa Savitskaya and Artem Filatov (winners 2017).

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