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GARAGE.txt: Call for grant applications from researchers writing on contemporary art in Russian

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art continues its GARAGE.txt program of support for contemporary art and culture research and announces a new call for grant applications from researchers.

GARAGE.txt is Russia’s first long-term museum initiative supporting academic research in art and culture. The program offers funding for new projects by Russian and international researchers writing in the Russian language, as well as opportunities to publish completed manuscripts. Garage will accept applications with original studies in the history and theory of art in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, aesthetics, new media theory, the sociology of culture, critical theory, and the history of Russian contemporary art. The text should not exceed 320,000 characters.

In 2017, the winners of the program were curator and art historian Irina Gorlova with a collection of articles by artist Vladimir Salnikov Picasso Has Never Heard of Us, and Alisa Savitskaya and artist Atyom Filatov with a research project on street art in Nizhny Novgorod.

I am so happy that thanks to GARAGE.txt we can publish Picasso Has Never Heard of Us, a book of selected articles by Vladimir Salnikov. Salnikov offers a very personal and ironic, yet beautiful and incisive interpretation of events and phenomena that have already become part of  twentieth-century art history. The book’s personal angle might have been an obstacle in releasing it with an academic publisher, however, I do believe that this collection will not only immerse the general reader in the mood and the spirit of the 1960s to the 1990s but will also become an important source for contemporary art researchers.

— Irina Gorlova, editor of a collection of articles by Vladimir Salnikov

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