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Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and PIK Group Announce Partnership

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and PIK Group announce the beginning of a long-term partnership based on a shared ambition to change lives and spaces for the better, bringing everyday comfort and new experiences to everyone.

In summer 2018 PIK customers buying new homes will receive a GARAGE card that gives them free priority admission to Garage exhibitions and special events for one year, as well as discounts on film screenings, concerts, education programs, and at Garage Café and Bookshop. Garage visitors will be able to take part in events organised with PIK’s support.

Throughout the year, Garage and PIK will organize a series of education events on architecture and design, offering information and inspiration to help PIK residents create their ideal interiors.

Garage and PIK aim to cater for all visitors and residents and have a particular focus on inclusion. Exchanging experience in this field will help to make Garage spaces and PIK estates more accessible and convenient for people with disabilities, parents with buggies, and children.

On launching its Inclusive Programs Department in 2015, Garage became the first Russian museum to have a permanent team working on making spaces and programs accessible to all groups of visitors. The Museum’s inclusive programs are targeted at individual visitors and families, and include free exhibition tours, production of tactile models, development of audio descriptions, and social stories.

PIK take the needs of people with disabilities into account not only in apartment layouts but also by opting for ground-level entrance halls without stairs or ramps for the convenience of elderly and disabled occupants, cyclists, and families with buggies and small children.

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