Garage announces the winners of Garage 2017/2018 grant program in support of emerging Russian artists


31 Oct 2017

On October 31, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art announced the winners of Garage grant programs for emerging artists in 2017/2018.

Garage founded the first grant program for emerging artists in 2012. This program is still the only one of its kind in the country. As part of its collaboration with Glenmorangie and Gorky Park, in 2017 Garage expanded its grant program to include Signet Land Art section, which supports emerging artists and artist groups working in the field of land art.

Offering emerging artists a period of financial independence, the program allows them to become more deeply engaged in creative activities, to grow professionally, and to conduct research. 

During the application period for both programs Garage received 335 applications and named just eight winners.

The expert committee for the program in support of emerging Russian artists picked the following artists:

  • Аnastasia Bogomolova
  • Аslan Gaisumov
  • Кirill Savchenkov
  • Мikhail Tolmachev
  • Lyudmila Kalinichenko
  • Vladimir Chernyshev

Artist Olga Kroytor got her scholarship extended.

Apart from a monthly fellowship of 30,000 rubles, grant recipients will also be involved in Garage education and exhibition projects.

The winner will get a monthly fellowship of 30,000 rubles, a trip to Scotland and a Signet Land Art commission for a land art piece in Moscow’s Gorky Park. The winning project must be complete by May 2018 and will remain on display in the park for up to 12 months. Artists who have previously taken part in the program include Nikolay Polissky (2016) and Alexander Povzner (2017). The winner to create the next land art piece in Moscow’s Gorky Park is Valery Kazas from Krasnodar.

The 2016/2017 Grant program for emerging Russian artists expert committee:

  • Yana Gaponenko, the head of Vladivostok School of Contemporary Art
  • Andrey Misiano, Assistant Curator at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Alexey Novoselov, Head of Exhibitions at Moscow Museum of Modern Art
  • Ilya Shipilovskikh, Head of Exhibitions at Yeltsin Presidential Center, Yekaterinburg
  • Elena Yaichnikova, independent curator
  • Anna Zaytseva, Deputy Director in charge of Exhibitions at Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Expert committee for Signet Land Art grant program 2017/2018:

  • Anton Belov, Director at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art;
  • Marina Lulchuk, Director at Gorky Park;
  • Svetlana Stishkova, Marketing Director, Moet Hennessy Russia.

Мikhail Tolmachev
Natiral Zones, 2014
3D printed model, detail
Courtesy of the artist