Garage Museum of Contemporary Art supports Polina Kanis’ new project at Haus der Kunst, Munich.


21 Sep 2017

From September 15, 2017 to March 18, 2018 The Procedure, an immersive installation by Russian artist Polina Kanis, supported by Garage, will be on show at Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany.

In her artistic practice Polina Kanis consistently reconsiders the boundaries between film, photography, and performance. Her early single-channel videos saw the artist perform different roles. Her subsequent works, however, bear witness to a shift towards a more cinematic mode, with Kanis now working behind the camera.

For The Capsule, part of the series of exhibitions that explore recent developments amongst a generation of emerging international artists, Kanis has developed a new immersive three-channel video installation The Procedure.

The artist uses the ruins of a fictional museum building and the surrounding forest as the main scene, trying to ascertain the reasons for the disaster. However, any attempts elicit answers gets the same response from the people interviewed: “I saw nothing”.

Access to the outside world is permitted only after completing a routine procedure of questioning and body search in the border zone—this very process is the main theme and a direct link to the title of the exhibition.

In her signature laconic manner, the artist makes the viewer privy to a hermetically sealed system and uses the microcosm of the museum building to address issues of exclusion and marginalization.

The exhibition is curated by Daniel Milnes.

Polina Kanis (b. 1985, Leningrad) graduated from the Rodchenko Art School, Moscow, in 2011. The same year she was awarded the Kandinsky Prize in the category Best Young Artist. Since January 2017 Kanis has been part of the residency program at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.