Garage Museum Of Contemporary Art and Ingosstrakh Continue Their Strategic Partnership


5 May 2017

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and Ingosstrakh are pleased to announce the continuation of their successful partnership which started two years ago. In 2017, Ingosstrakh is celebrating its seventieth anniversary and a program of special events will be launched for Garage visitors.

The program of special events has been created by Garage together with Ingosstrakh and it aims to introduce the most interesting and striking events in contemporary art life to a wide audience. Ingosstrakh is Garage’s Official Insurance Partner, proving its reliability by the celebration of its seventieth anniversary. During its jubilee year, the company is announcing a new slogan, Ingosstrakh 7.0 Insurance in the seventh generation, and launches an ambitious renewal which will combine its experience and the latest achievements in the insurance business.

The program of special events will start on May 14, 2017. On the final day of Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art, registered visitors will get an opportunity to visit its finissage for free from 17:00 till 22:00. The Triennial brings together over sixty artists living in more than forty cities—from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean—and reveals the scope of art practice in the country today. Visitors will also witness the premiere of Memento Mori Tomb, a performance by Provmyza. Advance registration is required to take part in the finissage via the Generation 7.0 website which is devoted to the Ingosstrakh anniversary. Registration is available here.

Last year, Garage and Ingosstrakh held a competition offering a chance to visit Art Basel Miami Beach. This year, the competition opens on May 15, and the winner will get a chance to visit art Basel in Switzerland from June 15–18.

The educational part of the program, In Love With What You Do, will present a number of public talks and will take place in the end of summer. Artists, architects, and businessmen will talk about their lives and activities, and the sources of their inspiration.