GARAGE.txt: program in support of researchers writing on contemporary art and culture in Russian


22 Sep 2016

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the launch of a new publishing program aimed at supporting Russian-speaking authors writing on contemporary art and culture.

GARAGE.txt series will be the newest addition to Garage publishing program, which dates back to 2008. Since its launch, the Museum has produced over 130 books and catalogues (a total of over 430,000 copies), making writings by the world’s leading theorists, studies on the history of Russian contemporary art and books on important artists available to the wider public. Many publications produced by Garage (solely or in collaboration with Ad Marginem Press) have introduced Russian readers to some of the key contemporary thinkers, previously unpublished in Russian.

Recognizing the need for institutional support of academic research in the field of contemporary art in Russia, Garage is launching a program aimed at finding and publishing the best studies on the history and theory of contemporary art in the Russian language. The main focus areas of GARAGE.txt include the history and theory of art in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, ethics, new media theory, the sociology of culture, critical theory and the history of Russian contemporary art.

‘We produce research publications based on our Archive Collection in English for an international audience. For the past five years, we have also published Russian translations of important texts by western cultural theorists in collaboration with Ad Marginem Press. But we feel there is a lack of original studies in Russian and we are launching a new publishing program in order to support Russian researchers and fill this gap’, says Garage Director Anton Belov.

The support program includes research funding and the publication of complete texts. We will accept original research by single authors or research groups, as well as theses and dissertations on the subjects listed above, written in Russian. Nationals of countries other than Russia are welcome to apply as long as their study is in Russian. The final text should not exceed 320,000 characters. All publications released through this program will be published as part of GARAGE.txt.