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Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents a project based on Garage Archive Collection at VIENNACONTEMPORARY

From September 22 to September 25 visitors to VIENNACONTEMPORARY—the annual international art fair in Vienna—have an opportunity to see the world’s largest archive on Russian contemporary art as well as fresh items from Garage publishing.

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents a project based on Garage Archive Collection—the world’s largest archive on the postwar history of Russian contemporary art. The display is organized around five Garage publications resulting from research in Garage Archive Collection, focusing on different aspects of Soviet and Russian contemporary art. The video documentation of exhibition openings, performances, actions, and literary readings described in these books gives a more immediate impression of the time and helps make sense of a number of episodes in Russian art that have since become history.

In 2016, VIENNACONTEMPORARY welcomes 112 cultural institutions from twenty-eight countries and more than 500 artists. The main goal of the fair is the presentation of the most extensive array of contemporary art to the widest audience. It strives to develop a continuously growing international scope with special attention given to emerging art markets.

Garage focuses on the following publications: Russian Performance 1920–2010. A Cartography of its History (2014); Postscript after RIP: A Video Archive of Moscow Artists’ Exhibitions 1989–2014. Camera, Installation, Archive. Vadim Zakharov. (2015–2016); George Kiesewalter’s Insider (2016); Exhibit Russia: The New International Decade: 1986–1996 (2016); and Access Moscow: The Art Life of a City Revealed 1990–2000 (2016).

This exhibition project was created in collaboration with Aksenov Family Foundation.

Austria’s international art fair was founded in 2005 as VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary becoming VIENNACONTEMPORARY in 2015. Considering its short history, the fair has become the largest event of the art world in Southern and Eastern Europe.

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