Starting in 2015 Moscow Art Magazine will be published with the support of Garage


28 May 2015

Starting in 2015, Moscow Art Magazine—a leading publication on Russian and international contemporary art and culture—will be published by Artguide Editions with the support of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

Founded in 1993 by curator and critic Viktor Misiano, Moscow Art Magazine was the first Russian periodical to reflect on current artistic and intellectual trends. Contributors have included theorists Boris Groys and Victor Tupitsyn; sociologist Alexander Sogomonov; philosophers Valeriy Podoroga and Elena Petrovskaya; and the artists Dmitry Gutov and Anatoly Osmolovsky.

The current issue of the magazine is devoted to the criticism of criticism. As the editor's introduction states, “Moscow Art Magazine understands criticism as a type of relation to culture, society, and life in general…and if we devote this latest issue to the 'criticism of criticism,' it is because criticism is losing its ability to grasp the fundamentals, turning into a mainstream cultural and intellectual trend, emasculated and changed to a routine.” The issue includes a conversation between Misiano and theoretician Boris Kagarlitsky, as well as the following features:


  • “Critical Reaction” by Petr Safronov
  •  “Why is Criticism Played Out? From Philosophical to Discussional Realities” by Bruno Latour
  • “Relations with Thought: The Missing Center of Art Criticism” by Zeigam Azizov
  • “Criticism as Enlightened Obedience: The Theory of the Surplus Value of 'Critical' in Contemporary Art” by Lyudmila Voropai
  • “Mythology of Face: Public Sphere, Dissidence and Political Art” by Maria Chekhonadskikh
  • “A Journey from the Imaginary to General 'Here and Now': The Problem of Aesthetic Justice” by Pascal Gielen
  • “A Praise to Subjectivity, or the Subject of Freedom” by Haim Sokol
  • “The End of the Avant-Garde as a Special Procedure” by Anatoly Osmolovsky
  •  “Post Conceptual Condition, or Cultural Logic of High Capitalism” by Peter Osborne


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