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Grant for researchers writing on contemporary art in russian Garage.txt


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the launch of a new publishing program aimed at supporting Russian-speaking authors writing on contemporary art and culture.

GARAGE.txt is Russia’s first long-term museum initiative supporting academic research in art and culture. The program offers funding for new projects by Russian and international researchers writing in the Russian language, as well as opportunities to publish completed manuscripts. Garage will accept applications with original studies in the history and theory of art in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, aesthetics, new media theory, the sociology of culture, critical theory, and the history of Russian contemporary art. The text should not exceed 320,000 characters.


Garage will accept applications from authors of over the age of twenty-five and of all nationalities, who write in the Russian language.


From September 22 to November 13, 2016, Garage received eighty-three applications from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vologda, Chita, Voronezh, Simferopol, Tver, Perm, Irkutsk, Taganrog, Vyatka and Samara, as well as from abroad—Israel, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, the UK and Azerbaijan—with subjects ranging from visual arts and architecture to contemporary music and dance, fashion, sociology, the philosophy of culture, cultural studies and street art.

The winners for 2016 are: theater historian, journalist and Golden Mask Award expert board member Anna Gordeeva (Moscow) with a research project devoted to the history of Russian contemporary dance; art historian and critic, Moscow State University professor Andrey Kovalyov (Moscow) with his project 50 Contemporary Russian Artists You Should Know; and cultural theorist, lecturer in cultural studies at National Pedagogical Dragomanov University Yanina Prudenko (Kiev) with her study Cybernetics in Humanities and Arts in the USSR.

The winners will receive funding to complete their research. Anna Gordeeva’s work will be published in Garage’s new book series devoted to contemporary dance, while the works by Andrey Kovalyov and Yanina Prudenko will be released through GARAGE.txt.

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